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25 August 2008 @ 08:26 pm

Bento #101, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

Wow, I've been on bento hiatus for 4 months! I've had tasty lunches, but nothing near a bento. I don't have the furvor I once had, but this is a decently put together lunch made up of dinner leftovers.

Veggie fried rice, sauteed green beans with cashews, and tofu pattties.

I've never been a cashew eater until recently. They were always the nut that I passed up (yet my mom and sister would gobble them down). I would always taste them, but they never tasted good to me at all. I bought a can of cashews when I started making un-cheese recipes and had another taste, and this time they were great! I was amazed that I now liked them and their nutty buttery goodness.

To make the tofu patties I just took some ideas from other recipes (none that I had tried before) and threw them together. I was surprised at the great taste they had. They reminded me a bit of a dish my grandma used to make. I was also thinking that it would make a great scrambled tofu recipe. That might even be similar to a scrambled tofu recipe, I've never tried one before.

Sauteed Green Beans with Cashews

1/2 small onion chopped finely
1 clove garlic, crushed
12 oz green beans
salt and pepper to taste
1-2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp mirin
2 tbsp chopped cashews

Saute onions, garlic, and green beans until starting to get toasted. Add cashews and saute a few more minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste then add mirin and soy sauce and saute a minute or two more until juices are soaked up.

Tofu Patties

1/2 block of extra firm tofu
1/8 - 1/4 small onion chopped finely
1/4 panko bread crumbs
1 - 2 tbsp flour
2 tsp lime juice
1 tsp agave nectar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp onion powder
dash pepper, allspice, tumeric, paprika, crushed red pepper

Preheat oven to 450 deg. Crumble tofu and mix in onion, lime juice, agave nectar, salt, and spices. Mix well then add panko crumbs and flour. Grease cookie sheet well with oil and make tbsp size balls and lightly flatten them onto cookie sheet. Bake for 9-10 minutes. Spray oil on the top of the patties and flip. Bake for another 9-10 minutes. Enjoy!

29 April 2008 @ 08:09 pm

Bento #100, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

I didn't even realize this was 100, if I had remembered I would have made a better one. This was a boring quick bento. But, I finally made it to 100, took me just over a year!

Gardenburger BBQ Riblet on rice, tomatoes, coleslaw, and respberries.

22 April 2008 @ 07:22 pm

Bento #99, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

I'm posting tomorrow's bento right now, as the Suns start strong in game 2 against the Spurs! I got in the fan mood and made this for bentochallenge.

Contents: Mini sandwich with vegetarian chicken topped with vegan cheese letters, tomoato onigiri basketball, olive skewer, tomato skewer, and Tofurky pompoms.

Go Suns!

22 April 2008 @ 04:45 pm

Bento #98, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

Pretty much a repeat from yesterday's lunch: Eggplant with tofu from PF Changs, brown rice, garden tomatoes, and

tiffanyharvey's baked eggrolls.
21 April 2008 @ 05:51 pm

Bento #97, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

Last night I tried out tiffanyharvey' baked eggroll recipe. I tweaked a few things (omitted oyster sauce and added mushrooms and mirin). It came out delicious! I also had leftover eggplant and tofu from PF Changs and added some fresh rice and strawberries!

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15 April 2008 @ 07:30 pm

Bento #95, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

10 minute bento! Gardenburger Riblet on rice, apples, peas, and tomatoes from the garden!

27 March 2008 @ 06:00 pm

Bento #94, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

Going back to school after 2 weeks off is extremely difficult. My sleep schedule is all out of whack. The kids came back Tuesday and I was so tired when I got home I pretty much slept from 6 pm to 6 am. Last night I had to take a nap before my group meeting and then I couldn't get to sleep until after midnight! Today I am determined to fight sleep until 9 and then get a proper nights' sleep. Yesterday I bought some pre-made inari and figured I couldn't just take it for lunch on its own, I had to use it in bento, and so I did. I grilled up some tofu with sweet and sour sauce, threw in some peas, and added some strawberries from the garden. I was wanting to make something super cute, but I don't have any veggies in the fridge to make cute cut-outs.

21 February 2008 @ 12:04 am

Bento #93, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

Not a particularly fierce bento, but it was super quick!

Starting from the most important: vegan chocolate chip cookies, steamed veggies, Thai lime and lemongrass rice (pre-made from Trader Joes), and leftover fake chicken strips (breaded and fried by me the night before).

29 January 2008 @ 07:37 pm

Bento #92, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

I love packing bento right after dinner and using up leftovers. I don't have to think about it in the morning and it's less stress because I am not in a hurry. Plus my co-worker's goal is to beat me to work everyday this week, and tomorrow lunch is ready so I should be able to get there early!

Bento #92: Potato pancakes, origami salt packet, cream cheese and green onion filled red pepper, sour cream and applesauce, tomatoes, cucumber sticks, and 1/2 boiled egg.

23 January 2008 @ 06:05 pm

Bento #91, originally uploaded by kawaiikiki.

Today's bento was superb! I made veggie fried rice with sweet egg with leftover rice. I also bought extra vegan buffalo wings (with vegan cucumber ranch) from a local vegan restaurant this weekend just so I could enjoy some in my bento. Besides being rushed at lunch, it was delicious!

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